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Be an educated VOTER, learn what those politicans really want to do.


I am a 62 yr. old great grand mother, as well as a business woman & an artist. I have been working on the, Book of Revelations for years now. It’s a slow task…studying all religions, trying to put together my own interpretation, and not just on the words of one, but on the words of many.

I am for the chilren of the world…THEY need someone on their side ,and I am it. Not that I always agree with the youth, because sometime’s they are in the wrong too, by acting out;  Two wrong’s, do not make a right!

This blog is mainly for the youth, but I have things to say to the rest of the population too!  I will use actual comment’s, news reports and I will direct you to that site to read for yourselves. It is time to be an informed citizen of the USA, before it is too late. Internally we are being attack, as well as the factions,  that our own country has turned against us. I always wondered why they called us Capitalist PIGS, now I know.

Not only has our own liberal/Communist/markist/Socialists (I guess this is a Pot Purie of all the governments ever tried), government achomplished the dumbing down of America, they have wrecked havok with our economy, ruined our Nucleur families, turned sons’ against fathers,made heteralsexual’s no different that Homosexuals, etc. and now they are making us, SORRY! for being an American.

Well, I’ve had enough, and I’m NOT taking it lying down any longer. I’ve watched this since, the 60’s, when our government invented LSD & shot Kennedy was SHOT! WE CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER…Please children, WAKE UP & BE AWARE, or you’ll be living under Hitler & Communist leaders!

Thank you for reading my blog, and what do you think of the Eagle?

Barbara A.Leighton


Posted October 5, 2010 by tootsies1948

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